Specially selected composition ensures efficient and comprehensive operation. The high content of phosphorus allows for good access to this element in moments when it is not taken up by the root (low temperature of the soil).

The content in the zinc composition ensures obtaining comparable or higher yields with lower nitrogen fertilization. In addition, zinc significantly improves resistance to drought and disease. The addition of nitrogen intensifies the vigor of plants.


Crops: corn

Composition: Azot (N): 46 g / l, Phosphorus (P2O5): 400 g / l, Zinc (Zn): 155 g / l

Packaging: 10 l


Leaflet: Icon download (1019.8 KB)



  • It is used to remove the acute deficiency in phosphorus and zinc in cases of temporary limited nutrient uptake from the soil.

  • It positively influences the metabolism of plants and promotes the yield.

  • It enables the economic and targeted application of nutrients and at the same time the maximum use of the basic soil nutrition.

  • The application limits the impact of stress caused by adverse conditions (herbicides, temperature, water, unsuitable pH level).

  • Phosphorus and zinc have very limited soil mobility, which is even worse in adverse conditions. The foliar application improves it significantly.

  • It optimises the plant growth and vitality from the very early stages of growth.

  • It accelerates the regrowth of the vegetation after adverse conditions, phytotoxicity or mechanical damage.


  • Application is suitable in a period of intensive growth of crops, when the plant is not able to supply the missing nutrients.

  • The foliar fertiliser can be used together with fungicides and insecticides in one tank mix. It is not recommended to mix it with herbicides in the case of high incidence of weeds or in thinly sown vegetation. It may decrease the effect of the herbicide.