Head of the Lipetsk region opened Field Day "Barley, malt, hops and beer of Russia"

Head of the Lipetsk region opened Field Day "Barley, malt, hops and beer of Russia" June 26, 2017, ЯЧМЕНЬ, СОЛОД, ХМЕЛЬ и ПИВО РОССИИ

Oleg Korolyov, Head of the Lipetsk region Administration, opened the 2nd Central Russian Grain Forum and 7th Field Day "Barley, Malt, Hop and Beer of Russia ". The official part of the event and the banquet were held in the Conference Hall of the Entertainment Centre "Eurasia" in Lipetsk region. The field part of the event was on the field of the All-Russian Research Institute of Rape - trial fields of Soufflet Agro Rus.

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27 jul

The company "Soufflet Agro Rus" started the implementation of innovative projects of own brand of products and SOILTEQ

By the words of General Manager Nicolas Betrix: "...in the last few years, the introduction of intensive agriculture has led to physical and biological deconstruction and degradation of soil." This was the impetus for the development of the line cover and foliar cultures of SOILTEQ Club which goal is not only to improve the biological activity of the soil but also to combat disease and weeds.

"Starting in 2015, we launched a line of foliar fertilizers manufacturing by Group Soufflet and aimed at maximizing the yield of crops. And because this season it is planned to sell two times more seeds in comparison with the past, these products should find wide application among the farms of the Black Soil region" – said Mr. Betrix.

The partnership between Soufflet Group and the farmers in Lipetsk region was formed in 2000. Today this enterprise is among the most appreciable players in the regional market for the purchase and sale of high-quality seeds of grain and technical crops. Over the years the company had established a network of producers-suppliers, with whom we created trusting relations.

"For 16 years, we have developed strong partnerships with our customers. We intend to continue to develop its range of services and expand the customer base, to provide potential customers with quality seeds and technologies that would help them to grow their business. Soufflet Agro Rus - a RELIABLE PARTNER for YOUR AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS" emphasized Nicolas Betrix.

30 jun

Field Day 2016 Soufflet Agro Rus

The Field Day of Soufflet Agro Rus was held at the All-Union Scientific and Research Institute of Rape venue on the 17th of June 2016 in Lipetsk.






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